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Uniquely personal – Thoughtful Gifts for the ‘Newlyweds’

20 June 2017

With the average age, according to the ONS for first time marriages in the UK for men being 32.5 years and women 30.6 years it is highly likely that the ‘bride and groom to be’ will have moved out of their childhood family home and have acquired many household items along the way. So, when the big decision to tie the knot happens one dilemma that the happy couple have is what should they put on their wedding gift list?

With the average guest spending between £50 to £100 there is a growing trend for couples to ask for money to help pay for the honeymoon, once in the life time experiences or to pay for large household items.

A recent survey by Prezola – the UK’s leading independent wedding gift list service https://myprezola.prezola.com/2017/05/25/what-guests-really-think-about-your-gift-list-but-are-too-polite-to-say/ found that although the bride and groom might like cash as a gift, many guests preferred to buy a physical gift for the happy couple.

In fact, Bride Magazine http://www.bridemagazine.co.uk/articles/2017-popular-products-the-couple-who-has-everything listed gifts that proudly shouted out and celebrated their new marital status including items such as personalised prints, bespoke artwork, cushions and mugs etc

So where do you go for those customised and bespoke gifts that are not always available on the high street?

Check out internet sales platforms such as Etsy www.pictureheartdesigns.etsy.com who showcase small business who can respond quickly to personalised gifts whether it be an original design, wording of your choice or colours to link in with the wedding scheme.

Most of these business owners are happy to work closely with their customers to allow them to contribute and be involved in the personalised process and individual customisation. A great experience for those who are close to the Bride and Groom who want to give a unique present from the heart that will be treasured for years to come.

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